I can’t remember my eShop password. What do I do now?

OK, your login details are your email address, and your eShop password. If you’ve forgotten your password:

  • Click the ‘Login’ link
  • On the login form Click the ‘Forgotten Password’ link
  • Now you’ll be asked for your email address so that the site can email you with a link where you can reset your password.

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How do I pay for my ad by cheque / non-Paypal?

Sorry, I have stopped taking payment by cheque.

If you haven’t got a Paypal account you can send me a payment using Paypal.me/ObedienceUK which accepts non-paypal (card payments) and will ask you to put in an amount (the total cost is £2 for a 30 day listing – use multiples of £2 for further months e.g £4 for 2 months, £6 for 3 months …).

Please make sure that you tell me (in a note) which ad you are paying for.

Additional notes:

  • Ads will not be authorised by me until I receive your payment
  • Payment using this method is non-automated so relies on me receiving the payment and actioning the update manually …. you can help me by emailing me to tell me that you have made the payment … obedienceuk@gmail.com

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What do the menu items mean?

The main menu has 4 links to:

  • Browse Adverts
  • Create New Ad
  • FAQS
  • Manage My Account

Browse Adverts

When you originally came to the eShop you will have seen a list of the ads in the eShop with Latest ads first. If you click the ‘Browse Adverts’ menu item it takes you back to this first page.

You will see a list of Categories (under Advert Categories) and you can click one of these to restrict the ads you see to only those for that Category.

Create New Ad

Create New Ad is a link to the form where you specify your new ad details.

Under Create New Ad you need to specify:

  • CONTACT PERSON – MANDATORY – i.e Your name
  • EMAIL – MANDATORY – Your email address, so potential buyers can contact you.
  • PHONE NUMBER – OPTIONAL – So potential buyers can contact you
  • TITLE (of the ad) – MANDATORY– Choose a Title that is meaningful and will stands out on the Browse Adverts page
  • CATEGORY – Choose a Category from the pulldown list (if none seems appropriate use MISCELLANEOUS)
  • GALLERY – Here you can add pictures to your ad. (Several can be added) Click the Browse button to find them on your computer. In your ad they will appear in a carousel at the top of your ad’s page.
  • DESCRIPTION – MANDATORY – This is your chance to describe your item for sale. Remember to include something about your pricing here if it’s more complicated that just a single price. Be honest about the status and condition of the item.
  • PRICE – OPTIONAL – If you put a £ value in this box it will appear in bold against your ad. If you leave it blank then just give details of the price(s) in your description.
  • LOCATION – I suggest you put the City and County in the Location e.g. Coventry, West Midlands

When you’ve put in the details then click Preview and this gives you the opportunity to see your ad, and make any last minute changes before committing to place the ad.


You are currently in the FAQS pages (Frequently Asked QuestionS)

Manage My Account

If you are logged in to the eShop (via Login link), then this page will display you current ads. Here you can edit the ad, and remove it completely from the eShop.

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Do I need to sign up to be a member of the eShop?

When you create your first ad (by clicking ‘CreateNew Ad’ in the menu) you are given the opportunity to  create an Account. My recommendation is that you create an account as only account members can manage their ads (i.e. amend, delete or extend).

If you don’t create an account your ad will still be taken, but it will run (unchanged) for 30 days and then be removed automatically by the site.

Membership accounts of the eShop are nothing to do with your ObedienceUK membership (i.e. you can’t sign in with your ObUK username and password).

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How long will my ad be displayed for?

All ads will be displayed in the eShop for 30 days from when you post them.

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How much does it cost to advertise?

30 day listings cost £2

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